This Simple Ritual Melts Fat After 50

"Grandma, why are you so chubby?"

Mary's blood ran cold when she realized that her 6-year-old grandson was poking her belly, during family dinner while nobody was talking...

"So chubby"

As all the family members turned their heads toward her, she wished only one thing: to disappear!

She had never been so ashamed in her life...

She had never been so ashamed of her weight...

She had never felt so weak for having let herself go...

It was Saturday night, and Mary was happy to see her grandson at the family house for the weekend.

Her heart was filled with joy when she saw him arrive, with the nice wool sweater she had knitted for him.

And there, in front of the whole family, including the other grandparents, he did what all kids do, he told the truth when he came to hug his grandmother: the chubby grandma!

That was how he saw his grandmother...

It was the most humiliating moment

of her life

All the cousins and the other grandparents would know her as "the chubby grandma"...

Years from now, they would probably still talk about that embarrassing moment, probably even make jokes about her.

She knew she'd gained a bit of weight, but when did she become "chubby" in the eyes of her own grandson?

That night was painful for Mary, but she didn't know that this event would lead to a solution…

A "weird" weight loss solution that would end up helping tens of thousands of people, like Suzie, a 54 year old secretary from Denver who got rid of 32lbs of fat.

To get from this, to this:

Without going to the gym…

And without giving up

her favorite foods

Her friends and family were shocked with her impressive transformation, and her doctor as well, as she normalized her blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

She was able to put her favorite clothes back on, and after two short weeks she was happy and confident for the first time in years!

Her colleagues were amazed at her new body.

And it's not about dieting, hardcore workouts or useless "diet pills" or supplements.

Suzie simply used a simple weight loss ritual she discovered by accident, something you've most likely never heard of, as it's coming from overseas.

The crazy part?

This simple ritual is fast,

easy and in a way, even fun to do

And it only uses simple and cheap ingredients you can find anywhere…

Why does it work so well?

I'll explain exactly how it works in a few minutes.

But this ritual simply "neutralizes" a small protein in your body, that slows down your metabolism, causing unwanted weight gain and leaving you tired most of the time.

And it's a serious problem if you're over 50, as the levels of this protein increase every year.

But as we'll see together, you can "neutralize" this small protein, with a simple "morning drink" that's easy and fast to prepare.

This is what Nathalie, from Chicago, did:

Now she feels energized almost every day, and she has a smile every time she looks at herself in the mirror. Why?

Because her waist is much slimmer and she got rid of fat on her arms too.

Nathalie (Chicago)

"Now, I'm full of energy when I wake up in the morning. And I'm able to wear my favorite clothes from 10 years ago. The best part? I don't crave sugar between meals anymore, and for me, that's a game changer."

And look at John, from New York:

He used this scientific discovery to lower his blood sugar, and he got rid of more than 36 lbs in just over 2 months.

His sister's dog Barry, who loves John, even had a hard time recognizing him.

John (New York)

"After my divorce, I completely lost control of my weight. I was worried for my health, and my doctor kept telling me I needed to lose weight. When I discovered this morning ritual, I was skeptical.

But after only 2 days, it started lowering my blood sugar levels. My cravings for sugar disappeared and I have much more energy. After that, I lost weight consistently, and I have to admit without much effort. Now I can climb the stairs to my house without feeling out of breath, and my doctor congratulated me for my physical changes."

And that's Jennifer, from Los Angeles:

She was embarrassed to attend Christmas with all her family as she had put on quite a lot of weight.

She was feeling sad and didn't have the energy to diet, but luckily for her, something happened a few weeks before the reunion.

Here is what Jennifer sent me, after following the protocol:

And here is what she sent me:

Jennifer (Los Angeles)

"Dear John, I am so happy I came across your video. Had I not discovered your morning ritual, I don't think I would have attended Christmas with my family.

But now, I feel really confident with my new body. I was a bit skeptical with the recipe at first, but thank God I tried it.

And I love the part where you show the ingredients at the end of the video.

Thanks again.


When you drink this preparation in the morning:

Your body automatically

BOOSTS your metabolism

And quickly gets rid of the excess fat that was stored in your belly, hips, thighs and arms.

And you immediately have more energy, as the energy source in your body "switches', as we'll see just a little bit later in this letter.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: "How can a simple morning ritual do all that for me?"

That's exactly what most people think, until they try it and see for themselves!

So just stay with me for a moment, and I'll reveal the scientific truth behind this powerful formula: I'm almost 100% sure you've never heard of it.

Even I had never heard of it, until a brilliant doctor introduced me to this ritual…

And it simply works.

So read carefully until the end, as this is key information for anyone who is struggling with weight.

But first…

Let me quickly

introduce myself

I am John Hermann, and I created the project.

It's an organization that informs people about the best ways to stay healthy. After 5 years of study at the school of medicine in Rouen, Normandy (in France), I gave it all up to study natural solutions.

Because I understood that the pharmaceutical industry's priority is to make maximum profits, not to treat patients in the best possible way.

Every day, I inform more than 143 457 people of my latest discoveries, through my newsletter.

I was given the name of The Natural Health Detective... (and I must admit that it suits me).

I have also published several books and reports on health. And I am proud to say that more than 114,754 people worldwide have read the most popular one.

By the way, you may have already heard about it on websites like Yahoo! Health,, Medical News Today or

And right now, I am writing this letter from my office in a small village with more cows than there are inhabitants.

And it was at this office, one evening in November, that…

I made

a surprising discovery

While I was doing research for my newsletter, I stumbled upon an article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition...

And I didn't know it at the time, but this discovery was going to help tens of thousands of people solve their weight problems.

Like Mary, Susie and many others...

In 2012, researchers from the Hokkaido Medical University did a rather weird experiment...

First, they exposed 18 healthy men, aged 20 to 32, to cold for 2 hours. Nothing too extreme: they had to sit in a room with the temperature at 19°C.

Just cold enough for the experiment to work.

Because you see, exposure to cold is a known method to strongly increase the body's energy expenditure, thanks to the activation of the so-called brown fat cells.

Next, the researchers gave these men 9mg of capsinoids.

After these two steps, they measured the men's skin temperature and energy expenditure for two hours, with a single blind, randomized, placebo-controlled protocol.

What did they discover?

That the men who consumed the capsinoids increased their energy expenditure AND activation of brown fat, as much as after exposure to cold, while they saw no effect with the placebo.

In other words, the capsinoid increased the "internal thermostat" of these men, and turned their bodies into a real...

Fat Burning


But that wasn't all...

I also discovered how capsaicin can TRANSFORM white, useless and dangerous fat, into BROWN fat that burns the ugly white fat to produce energy.

Which means you can use the white fat you want to get rid of, as an energy source, instead of carbs like most people do.

Because that's what keeps them from getting and staying slim.

I don't want to confuse you with scientific explanations, but here is how brown fat works:

Imagine a racecar with the engine roaring, and the gas pedal to the floor...

Brown fat "dissociates" the burning of calories from fat and sugar through the activation of a class of regulatory proteins: the dissociation proteins.

When the mitochondria of brown fat are dissociated, it's like shifting your sports car engine into the red, without changing gears.

All of a sudden…


burns more fat

And you lose weight even while sitting on your couch watching TV.

That was the good news...

The bad news is that I soon discovered that the only real source of capsaicin is CAYENNE PEPPER.

You know, the really strong pepper that makes your nose run, sweat and burn your tongue so bad you can't taste what you're eating.

Not really what you want to eat, even to lose weight.

So I had to find something else...

Another spice that would have the same benefits as capsaicin, but that you could eat without feeling like your mouth was on fire.

I spent hours and hours doing research, reading dozens of scientific studies, articles from the most important medical publications, and after several weeks, I discovered an "almost miraculous" spice.

A "secret" spice that I can't tell you about yet, which turned out to be the GRAAL of weight loss, that we had been looking for, for decades.

And that had all the benefits of capsaicin, without the terrible and painful side effects...

I immediately got to work...

I knew that this "secret spice" I had just discovered could increase body temperature and help to...

Transform the "bad"

white fat

Into "good" brown fat…

And thanks to this, change your life and regain the self-confidence you may have lost long ago.

And the best way I discovered to enjoy the benefits of this spice, is simply to prepare a cup of tea!

So I prepared a special recipe, and after several tries I was satisfied with the result.

Contrary to what you might think, the taste is delicious and reminds a bit of cinnamon, but I wanted to be sure that it works for REAL.

Not only in the laboratories of research teams.

So I formed a small test group based on some of my best customers, and I revealed to them the recipe of this famous tea, and I asked them to drink it every morning for 3 weeks.

Some people were a bit skeptical, but as they trusted me, they followed my recommendations.

And during the following weeks, surprising things happened...

I received emails from the test group members telling me that they had more energy, they felt fitter, and different in their bodies.

One woman even told me that she felt her hair was thicker and shinier.

And a week later, the messages filled my email box...

I received

messages of joy

Almost ecstatic!

Lisa, for example, told me that her pants could no longer fit without a belt, her waist had shrunk so much.

I received an email from James, who couldn't believe he had almost lost what he called his "beer belly".

Or Karen who told me she felt like “a new woman” and how her husband kept complimenting her on her new look, after 37 years of marriage.

She even sent me a picture of her new figure, because she was so happy:

I could not believe that this simple tea recipe had such a powerful impact on the lives of these first users.

I expected it to be effective because I had the results of the scientific studies, but now, I must say I was bluffed.

At first, I had only planned to send this new tea recipe to my customer list, to thank them for their loyalty.

But then I remembered my mission, which led me to create Healthy And Alive: I had a duty to share these discoveries with as many people as possible, because they have the power to change the lives of millions of people, like you, who've been struggling with their weight for too long.

So I gathered all my notes, the recipe, the advice I gave to the first "testers" and I compiled and improved everything with their feedback.

After a few weeks, I had a complete, detailed and efficient method in a 65 page PDF document on my computer.

And I called it…

Slim & Mature:

The secret to stay slim after 50

It's a simple, easy-to-follow ebook, that helps you get AND stay slim...

Without exhausting yourself at the gym, nor depriving yourself with a restrictive diet.

Because for this program to work, I knew it had to do 3 things:

1) It had to reveal the truth about working out to lose weight, hidden from you for years

You will be shocked to discover all the lies that are circulating in the diet industry, and even in the exercise industry.

Because the only goal of these people is to keep you overweight so that you will buy their useless products for the rest of your life.

2) It should be simple

So simple that you hardly have to do anything, so that you never feel lost during the weight loss process, wondering what the next step is, or if you are doing it "right".

3) It should offer a real TRANSFORMATION

And give you impressive, almost scary results, very quickly so that you see that it WORKS.

And that you feel the change in your body in just a few days, or weeks.

It was an ambitious goal...

But after months of work, several versions of the program, and feedback from dozens of testers, we finally did it.

And now it's ready, and you can benefit from all this work to lose weight too, and get the flat stomach, and the slim figure you've been dreaming of for too long, and that you deserve.

Without feeling like you are on a diet and without stepping foot in a gym.

Inside Slim & Mature, you will discover:

  • The simple secret to long-term weight loss WITHOUT GAINING IT BACK (when you join the program, I immediately reveal the secret recipe of my "slimming tea")

You will discover the EXACT proportions of each spice, tea and other ingredients, to boost your metabolism and transform your body into a real white fat burning machine.

And you know what?

Honestly, just telling you the recipe of this slimming tea would probably be enough to change your life forever.

Because if you can't make a simple tea to drink in the morning, I don't think anyone can do anything to help you lose weight.

But since HealthyAndAlive's mission is to help you live the healthiest life you've ever lived, I decided to go a step further

In the Slim & Mature program, you will also discover:

  • How to increase the levels of your main fat burning hormone by 1300% in women, and 2000% in men (to turn your body into a furnace that melts fat every night, burning the fat that bothers you while you sleep, without having to do a single physical exercise)

  • The secret of "white fat fuel" (that forces your body to stop using carbohydrates as an energy source, and to use the "bad" white fat instead, to slim down quickly)

  • ​The "Thyroid Acceleration" technique (to boost this neglected organ, which causes weight gain in many people over 50, without them even knowing it, and boost your weight loss in just a few days)

  • How to "reverse the effects of time" on your skin (to make it more beautiful and smooth, even if you have wrinkles, or have smoked a pack a day for years)

Are you tired of being tired and moody all the time? I'll reveal…

  • A nutrition tip that reduces the "chemical depression" caused by diet (this leads to an improvement in your mood, and a strong feeling of happiness, in only 2 or 3 days)

Do you have type 2 diabetes, or pre-diabetes?

  • Find out how to reduce your blood sugar levels naturally (just by drinking this slimming tea)

  • ​How to turn off the "hunger switch" (to stop cravings that make you feel guilty)

  • The "Insulin Sensitivity" tip (to completely reverse insulin resistance)

  • How to boost your libido with a "weird" food (it's cheap and easy to find)

  • ​The truth about the yo-yo effect (and why you always gain more weight and feel unhealthy after every "diet method", and my secret, easy-to-use method that almost guarantees you'll never gain back the weight you lose)

  • ​A simple trick to increase your bone density (especially useful for women over 50)

  • How to reduce inflammation in your body (often the cause of cancer, without drugs or overpriced supplements)

And much, much more...

Now, I would like to ask you a question: can you imagine?

If you could do all this...

Having this power over your body, your weight and your health.

To have control like you never had before.

How much would you be willing to pay, now, so as to never feel "fat" again for the rest of your life?

How much would you be willing to pay to see your friends' faces JEALOUS of the impressive changes in your body, and have them beg you to tell them your secrets?

How much would you be willing to pay NEVER to have to starve yourself or go on a "diet" again?

Imagine for a moment...

Feel inside you how nice it would be...

And now tell me:

What do you think would be an honest price to pay to get a flat stomach and regain absolute control over your weight, in just a few short weeks, and with less effort than going shopping?

If you are completely honest with yourself, I'm willing to bet that $200 or more would be a totally fair price.

After all, some fitness trainers charge much more than that for just 1 month of training...and it has never made anyone slimmer in the long run.

I even think you would find it "cheap" to never have to feel "fat" or "out of shape" again for the rest of your life.

I mean, $200 is a lot of money, but if it makes you feel good about yourself and your confidence...

It's totally worth it.

Not to mention the thousands of dollars you will save over the next few years, in "weight loss" methods, supplements or other useless gadgets.

But you see, the mission of Healthy And Alive is to help the MAXIMUM number of people to improve their health, not just a few rich or privileged people.


I decided to do something

for you

To thank you for reading this letter so far, you are not going to invest $200 for the Slim & Mature program. I am not even going to ask you to invest $100 (even though you would agree that it would be a steal).

As long as this page is online, and not for a second longer, you can access the Slim & Mature program for only $67.

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I decided to offer this program only in digital format so you can start slimming down TODAY.

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I know how excited you probably are to have made this discovery, so I want you to be able to take action immediately, to take advantage of your motivation.


I Advise You To

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Even though I know the program will work for you, you don't have to take any risk, because it is protected by my…


Money Back Guarantee

Here's how it works:

You put down a refundable deposit to access the Slim & Mature program.

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And I am so confident in this program, that even your children or grandchildren can take advantage of this guarantee and request a refund.

You may wonder why I make such a guarantee?

There are two reasons for this:

The first reason is that after having worked so much on this program, I know its power and the power it has to change your life.

So I want to allow as many people as possible to benefit from it.

And the second reason is because I don't think it's up to you to take any risks.

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Now, if you are still here, maybe you are still a little skeptical...

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I want you to be convinced, and to feel deep down, that this is an exceptional offer, and I want you to be proud to take advantage of it.

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I would like to give you

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All of these foods are easy to find, inexpensive, delicious and extremely powerful when used in combination with the program.

GIFT #2: 5 Slimming Smoothies Recipes

We all know that the worst part of any weight loss program is trying to figure out what you're "allowed" to eat and what you're not allowed to eat, and preparing meals. That's why I've created these quick, easy and delicious recipes for what I call "meal-smoothies".

So the next time you're short on time, and who isn't today, just follow the recipe for your favorite smoothie. And in just a few minutes, you have a delicious, filling, ready-to-go meal that makes you forget about hunger for hours, and fills you with energy.

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Discover the secrets to transform your body in record time, without starving yourself with a "diet", or exhausting yourself with an exercise program.

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If you are like the thousands of other people who have followed this program, you will be amazed by the changes in your life, and the changes to your body, when you discover the secrets of Slim & Mature.

How everyone you meet looks at you differently, impressed by your new body shape.

If you are like most users of the program...

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Now it's time

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I look forward to receiving your messages of success.

Thanks for your time with me.

I'll see you inside.

To your health,

John Hermann

PS: Thanks to an unexpected discovery of a unique "slimming tea" from a prestigious University, I have developed a program that helps you lose weight without gaining it back: it's called Slim & Mature: The secret to staying slim after 50. It's simple, easy, fast and requires almost no effort.

PPS: Today, you can try this digital program for a simple refundable deposit of $37. You also get 2 free gifts. This offer is only available on this page. And you don't take any risk because your order is protected by my Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. So click on the button just above and try the Slim & Mature program today. And discover the recipe of my secret "slimming tea"... - Copyright

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