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Discover how to lose weight, balance your blood sugar levels, sleep better, relieve your back pain, get back your stamina...with natural health.

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Slim & Mature

Discover how to boost your metabolism, to lose weight without gaining it back, thanks to a "weird drink".

Diabetes Free

Discover how a prestigious American doctor reverses the diabetes of his patients with a "forgotten method" from 1797...

Perfect Sleep

Get a deep and restful sleep, to sleep all night and wake up full of energy, thanks to a weird trick (do it at night)...

Our Health Experts


John Hermann is a recognized expert in the field of natural health. He is the founder of Healthy & Alive and the author of many programs and books in various fields: weight loss, diabetes, insomnia, erectile dysfunction...

His mission is to help you take control of your health.


Dr Guillemain has been a consultant for Healthy & Alive for several years. He has a keen interest in natural health, both for himself and for his patients. We work hand in hand to ensure that all our programs are 100% safe for you.


Maria Delange has a scientific background and specializes in nutrition research, both for herself and for Healthy & Alive. She has a real passion for a job well done, and has been a great help in developing our programs.

117,000+ Customers Trust Healthy & Alive

Healthy & Alive is the #1 independent source on natural health, with more than 117,000 customers in over 22 countries worldwide.

"Thanks to your slimming drink, I lost 8 lbs that were bothering me in the first month. Thanks for your help."

Liz MCBETH (59 years old)

"Since I started following your program, I've managed to lower my blood sugar levels for good."

Jamie CANNISTER (67 years old)

"I'm finally getting a full night's sleep thanks to Perfect Sleep. I love your programs, keep up the good work."

Lauren BROWN (71 years old)

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