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John Hermann is a passionate person.

Some call him the "Natural Health Detective", because he has dedicated his life to discovering the best natural remedies and methods to live long and healthy lives.

After 5 years of study at the University of Rouen (France), he gave up everything when he understood the hold of the pharmaceutical industry on modern health care methods.

He then turned to natural solutions.

This is where the idea of creating the Healthy & Alive project came from, to share his discoveries, via articles, the famous Healthy And Alive newsletter which is read by more than 144,783 people, and the publication of many best-selling programs.

These quality publications have enabled him to be mentioned on reference information sites, such as, Medical News Today, Yahoo! Health or

Some of his products are real best-sellers that have sold tens of thousands of copies, such as Slim & Mature, Diabetes Free or Perfect Sleep.

If you want to contact him, go to the contact page.

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